Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day Game

I've pretty much always been mad skeptical towards Valentine's Day, and as I grew older that skepticism grew exponentially.  I won't get into complaining about Valentine's Day, because complaining is for losers and the Valentine's Day hustle is so obvious that you don't need me to break it down for you.  What I will do is provide you with examples on how to approach it from a different angle.

Change the Game

Traditionally Valentine's Day has been framed as a very female centric holiday, with men expected to sweep women off their feet with some grand gestures to show their love for the woman.  If you have game though, then Valentine's Day doesn't necessarily have to play out in that fashion.  I suggest that men switch things up and reframe Valentines Day as their own holiday.  Like all men with game know, if you lead the way and set the frame then the women will follow.  Most men approach Valentine's Day like a sucker and empty their wallets trying to come off as the man and prove their love, but instead I suggest you switch things up and make the woman impress you on Valentine's Day.  This will mess with their head because they're not used to having the shoe on the other other foot.  If you reframe Valentine's Day as your day then you communicate to them that you have high value and that women in the past have catered to you on this day. Even if you've been simpin' for a decade buying roses and See's candy like Joe Average, she doesn't know that, so start your new legacy this year and shed the lame behavior of your past.  Most of the time guys come up on the short end of the stick on Valentine's Day, dropping serious coin in hopes of coming of like a G, and many times not necessarily getting any appreciation shown for the effort.  Make her work hard on Valentine's Day to show her love for you. Most guy's don't have the balls to do this and your boldness and trailblazing nature will shine through and highlight your alphaness.

Examples of things to say:

"You know a lot of guys aren't into Valentine's Day, but I always like when the woman I'm with really goes all out to try and impress me on Valentine's Day.  I love it when a woman steps out from the norm and doesn't act like the typical woman and sit back and expect the man to put in all the effort"

"I hope you got something nice ready for me on Valentine's Day.  I don't want to be let down on my favorite holiday"

"I remember one year I broke up with a girlfriend shortly after Valentine's Day.  Her lack of effort really opened my eyes to how much better I could do and that we just weren't right for each other.  A bottle of cologne was all she could come up with?  That's weak, don't you think?"

Don't Be Average

Now if you are going to play the Valentine's Day game, at least don't come off generic with it.  Dinner, flowers, candy, perfume, spa gift certificate, etc. are all examples of examples of average tactics that you should avoid.  A man with game stands stands out and original and authentic with it.  Here are a few alternatives you can employ to express your love and admiration for that special someone, or the one one that is at the top of your roster for the time being:

  • Picnic--Women love these things an it shows you put a little thought into the day.  They're fairly inexpensive as well if you play it right.  Of course add a bottle of wine to the mix to make it thorough, along with a fly location, and you're winning.  A fly picnic will stay in her Valentine's Day memory and will her thinking about you even after you have broken up or moved on, especially when her next boyfriend shows up with some wilted grocery store/freeway off-ramp flowers and a generic card.  There's nothing like that getting that "how are things?" text long after you've broken up with a woman, signaling her desperation to try and get back in your mix.  Set the standard.

  • Scavenger Hunt--  The scavenger hunt idea takes a little bit more work, but it can be a fun alternative and it once again shows you've put some thought into things.  Don't make the hunt too difficult or complicated and be sure to include locations that have had some significance, i.e. places you went on dates early in the relationship, favorite hangouts, etc.  Always make the final location your spot for obvious reasons.

Other fly ideas include a gondola ride, a hot air balloon ride, a horse and carriage ride in the park, home cooked gourmet dinner, vintage jewelry, hiring a musician/band for the evening, writing and perform an original song, etc.  Use your imagination or steal a fly idea from someone else.  Whatever works.


Single on Valentine's Day

If you're single on Valentine's Day then it's very easy to scoop up single women.  Many will be down in the dumps because they're not hitched, so that will make it that much easier for you to get in.  If you hit up spots on Valentine's Day it will be very easy to spot the single ladies, so go in and do your thing.

You could also organize a singles only Valentine's party with your friends.  Rather than sit around alone, you might as well socialize with other folks that aren't caught up in a relationship, and once again the crowd will be full of single women so you'll have a chance to kick game and see if there are any viable candidates.

Is This Relationship What You Really Want?

On Sunday tons of couples will be spending Valentine's Day together and a nice chunk of those folks won't necessarily be happy with the person they're with.  Use Valentine's Day as a reminder to reflect and figure out if the person you're with is truly someone you want to continue a relationship with.  Don't enter Valentine's Day hoping that it will somehow reignite the flame in your relationship, when in fact it will probably open your eyes even wider to the fact that you're not where you want to be with who you want to be with.  Could you do better?  Are you settling?  Are you afraid of being alone?  Is there someone else you would rather take a shot at that?  Would the person you're with be happier with someone else?  Think about these things before you participate in a charade and waste your time and money.  It may seem like a callous move to severe a relationship around Valentine's Day but you're only doing yourself and the one you're with a disservice if your heart isn't truly in it.

The world is yours.....

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Maybelline Queens

When you're on your quest for Ms. Right or even Ms. Right Now, one tip I would suggest is to be on the lookout for the woman without makeup. If you can find a woman that looks gorgeous without makeup, then you have truly scored.  Nowadays so many woman walk around with a pound of makeup on their skin and when you see them without it on the first time it can be a startling occasion to say the least. You don't want to wake up that next morning laying next to a wildebeest you thought was a dime a few hours earlier, deceived by the overpriced makeup she used to cover the truth.  If you keep your eyes peeled for the woman out and about without makeup on, I believe the benefits will speak for themselves.

First off, if the woman is beautiful without her makeup, then it's safe to say she will be off the charts stunning once you actually do see her with makeup on.  No surprises, no letdowns, no worries.  A woman that is fly without makeup is what you need to be after.  This is also why your day game is so important.  You'll most likely run into the non-makeup queens out and about running errands on a weekend morning and not up at some structured setting like a club, party, or other event.  Keep your eyes peeled at all times and be ready to game 24/7. 

Another thing you need to think about is the science behind all of this.  A woman that is beautiful without makeup definitely has some high quality genes, and to be real whenever you're linking up with a woman there is a possibility you may end up having kids with her.  Now if we're on this Earth to procreate, then it makes sense to link up with a woman with the strongest genes and comes from a gene pool that generates folks that are easy on the eyes.  Contrary to the old saying "don't judge a book by its cover", you damn well should judge a book by its cover.  Studies have shown that attractive folks are healthier, live longer, are more physically fit, and earn more money.  None of things should turn you off, therefore if you have a chance to scoop someone you know is naturally beautiful without any enhancement, then you need to make that move. If you don't, a smart cat with his eye on the present and future will.

I've also found that women that don't wear makeup, or wear very little makeup tend to be a little more secure with themselves.  This makes sense because makeup is basically a mask that shields a woman from revealing her true face to the world.  If a woman is comfortable enough to shun societal norms and face the day without her mask unlike 90% of woman who are scared to do so, then it's safe to assume that she might just be a little less likely to have self-esteem and security issues.  I recall a woman from my past showed me an old picture of her without makeup, and it was honestly the best picture I had ever seen of her.  I mean, she was fly as hell with her makeup game and all, but this one picture stood out because it was actually her and not just a layered mask of MAC cosmetics.  She genuinely looked gorgeous and I told her this particular picture was my favorite that I had seen of her.  She winced and said, "Ugh - I look horrible there".  She wasn't even on some self-deprecating, fishing for some more compliments type stuff either.  She was genuinely repulsed by a picture of herself in her natural state.  What part of the game is that?

Some other benefits of getting down with a woman that looks good without/doesn't wear too much makeup include:
  • No more stained clothes.  There's nothing like having a fly shirt, or a fresh silk tie soiled because your girl got her makeup smeared on it.  No makeup smears=less dry cleaning=more money in your pocket for things that really matter.
  • No more waiting around for her to "get ready".  Some women literally take 1/2 to an hour to put on their makeup.  You might not ever notice because obviously no one sits around with a stopwatch to monitor these things, but it is true.  If it's a special occasion or a big event, tack on additional time.
  • Less money spent on makeup, means more money to spend on other things.  If you've ever been out shopping with your girl and saw her drop coin on some makeup, then you know the makeup hustle is an expensive one.  Some women have big treasure chest looking makeup containers that contain hundreds of dollars worth of the stuff.  That's all money that could be spent on the finer things in life such as yourself.

The world is yours....

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Game During The Week - Score on the Weekends

One of the pillars of the Lifetime Game philosophy is to avoid being average at all costs.  The average guy usually ends up with the average girl, has an average job, with a bunch of average friends, and then has a few average kids who then recreate the cycle.  With that being said, think about what the average single guy does during the week and on the weekends.

During the week the average guy comes home, watches 3-4 hours of TV, dabbles with a few video games, Facebook, Internet porn, etc. and then goes to sleep, only to wake up and do it all over again.  Then on Friday he heads to work, tells a few folks "TGIF" (cats with Game never say TGIF because if you have game your whole life is like a weekend, so Friday is just another day to you), and head to some bar/club in hopes of scoring with some average chick he convinced to give him the time of day.  Does that sound like a way to live?  I think it sounds rather pathetic, so my remedy for falling into that trap is to game hard on the weekdays, thereby freeing up your weekends to be stress free as you enjoy the company of all the women you lined up during the week.

I always felt that going on out the prowl during a Friday and Saturday night was inherently the wrong strategy, and then once I approached it scientifically and actually analyzed the data, it backed up my intuition.  The key to maximizing your game is to work while others are sleeping, bullshitting, and sitting at home doing nothing.  Forget wasting your time trying to compete with dudes on Friday and Saturday night.  If you go out like the typical guy on Friday and Saturday night you’re usually in packed environments with a lot of competition and subconsciously you’re putting a lot of pressure on yourself to bag a prospect.  You probably have your going out outfit on and are all amped up for the night, and all that pressure throws off your game.  You’re not relaxed, with a carefree mind state that is going to attract women.  That’s not the way to go.  Here are some strategies on how to maximize your weekdays in order to free up your weekends for multiple episodes with women.

Get Active

If you're trying to keep your game tight, then it' should be a given that you're staying in shape and taking part in some type of physical activity.  You don't need to be a gym rat, but staying active not only keeps you in shape, improves your sexual performance, and extends your lifespan, but it also gives you ample opportunities to meet women.  If you're into jogging/running then you're sure to run across some fly honeys at the track or jogging around the park.   If you're into pumping iron, then you're sure to run across some ladies at the gym who share your interest in keeping fit.  Perhaps you're into yoga, which is definitely a good idea because despite its continual rise in popularity, yoga studios/classes are still a haven full of women with advantageous man/woman ratios.  These are activities you could be doing during the week.  If you're not meeting anyone while doing all of this, then you don't really want to meet anyone.

Food For Thought

The grocery store is one of the best places to meet women, and the best part about the place is that the amount of single men at the grocery store is usually very low.  It's a low pressure environment and it's mad easy to strike up a conversation with someone without coming off creepy, needy, or swarmy.  Another great thing about meeting women at the grocery store is that you know she has some culinary skills, and a woman who can throw down in the kitchen is much more valuable and worthy of you wifing up than a typical modern lady who eats out all the time and can barely heat up a frozen Weight Watchers meal without burning down her apartment.  Would you rather wake up to the smell of a nice omelet and some french toast after a nice night, or to her asking you "do you want to go to Starbucks?".

Happy Hours

Happy hours are nothing unique, but it never hurts to hit one up once a week or so.  Many women still flock to these after work staples, so it does behoove you to roll through and check out the prospects on occasion.  Depending on the type of woman you're targeting, you can select the appropriate type of spot to hit in order to maximize your chances of connecting with a woman you desire.  If you're not looking for a woman that's on some "I'm one of the guys" type steeze, then don't hit up the sports bar for Monday Night Football.  If you're looking for a more sophisticated, corporate type of lady, then hit up the spots near the financial district in your city.  Everyone has their own tastes, so make sure you're targeting the spots that are going to give you ample opportunities to flex your game and set something up for later in the week, if not that night.

The Clubs

Hitting the clubs during the week is a great way to chill and set things up for the weekend.  When you hit the clubs during the week, you're going to be encountering a different type of clientele/prospect than those you may encounter on the weekends.  The type of girl that goes out during the week tends to be a little more carefree and social than the typical prospects you might encounter on the weekends.  The woman that's hitting the clubs during the week probably doesn't have any kids, is probably more spontaneous, and is probably a little more fun than the girl who's sitting at home watching some horrible reality show or whatever else they're airing these days.   I suggest hitting clubs with different scenes/theme nights during the week.  Don't just hit the same club that spins typical R&B and dance music.  For example try hitting a club with a reggae night or one that plays a more underground genre such as dubstep.  Not only are you keeping your music game tight by not pigeonholing yourself, you're also exposing yourself to many different types of women which will only enhance your game in the long run. 

Other spots to hit up during the week include museums, bookstores, coffee shops, etc.

By enhancing and maximizing your game during the week, your weekends will become livelier and your social calendar will start to fatten up.  If you work it right, you could have 2-5 dates for the weekend, rotating your time with a host of women.  Once you start making this a habit, you'll notice how stronger your game gets because you're not only getting more practice, but you'll be much less stressed.  If you're trying get with 5 women and you only get with 2, you're still batting .400 and that puts you in the Ted Williams/Hall of Fame bracket.  It's much better than getting one chance at bat on a Saturday night and with pressure to knock one over the wall.

The world is yours…..

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Smell of Seduction

One area where many of my comrades fail or ignore to their own detriment is the area of scent.  One of if not the most underrated of our five senses in terms of game and the science of attraction, scent is an area in your Game arsenal that can work wonders for you.  Scent is one of those things that works for you even when you're not conscious of it.  If Game were a stock portfolio, scent would be one of those steady but sure stocks that quietly yields solid dividends, but never really fluctuates so you don't really notice it.  While you pay attention to other things that may bring you instant results, having a strong aromacology game can help set things off in a major way

Here are a few scents that you should take advantage of and feature in your home as well as on your body.  Don't be that guy whose place smells like he just whipped out the can of Glade right before he opened the door, cleaning products from when you barely got done cleaning before she came over, or whatever cologne you put too much of on.  Also note that it’s a good idea to have scents that appeal to yourself as well to add a little kick to your own libido. 

At Home

In studies done in 1998 and 2006 by Alan Hirsch of The Smell & Taste Treatment Research Foundation, it was found that the following scents had the most effect as far as increase in blood flow, which is an indicator or horniness/increased libido:

-Men were most aroused (40% more blood flow) by the smells of lavender and pumpkin pie as well by doughnuts and licorice candy (31.5%)

-Women showed the most sexual response to the fragrances of licorice candy, cucumber, baby powder (each 13%) as well as pumpkin pie and lavender (11%)

In addition to those just mentioned, you should also employ these scents and essential oils to take full advantage of what the the power of scent can bring to your game:

Ylang Ylang
Clary Sage

The same study found that women were turned off by the smell of men’s cologne, barbequed meats, and cherries so don’t try to make a move if you smelling like a mix of Drakkar Noir and a some baby back ribs.   

In order to utilize these scents I suggest you buy a reed diffuser set instead of trying to use sprays and aerosols.  The reed diffusers last longer and are more effective.

On Your Body

 As far as scents you can use on your body, I highly recommend ditching cologne at times. Like the study I just referenced points out, that cologne you think is making you smell like the man may be making ladies give you the Heisman.  There’s nothing worst that a dude who walks in the room soaking in cologne, causing everyone to grimace like he cut the cheese.  A man’s natural scent is a turn on for women so don’t drown out your natural pheromones with alcohol heavy colognes that make you smell average. 

If you do wear a cologne, then I recommend Creed Green Irish Tweed.  It’s a little pricier than your typical scent, but it’s well worth it.  I’ve been sporting it for about a decade and I always get the thumbs up from folks because it smells like class and sophistication.  Don't end up buying some run of the mill scent because the fragrance girl at Macy's was semi-fly and told you it was legit.

The world is yours.....

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

5 Ways To Make Your First Date an Epic Fail

I always enjoy comical stories of how people went on first dates with someone they thought they would hit it off with, only to be grossly disappointed when the actual event went down.  The first date is a monumental event in the mating game and it's essential to make sure your game is tight so you will prevail at the end. Here are 5 ways to make your date an epic fail. I see and hear about folks doing these things all the time and it baffles me why they don't realize the error on their ways.

1.  Catching a Flick

This is the single lamest first date activity ever.  Why on Earth would you think that sitting in a dark theater watching a most likely marginal movie that you had to drop damn near $15 a ticket for would be a good move?  You're not 15 trying to feel up on Julie from the JV cheerleading squad because your parents are home and you have no car or license and no other chance to get her in a dark place.  After 2 hours and $25 or so in the hole (hopefully she doesn't want concessions, and if she does that may be a bad sign since she may have poor dietary habits) you basically have nothing to show for it.  You could talk about the movie, but if the movie sucked then your conversation will hit a brick wall and you don't want to dwell on negativity on the first date.  The movie is the ultimate wack time filler.  On top of that it really exposes your lack of originality and game.  Do you really think she's going to find you compelling if you can't even come up with a decent first date idea?  The first date is a clue to how you will be in a relationship.  Do you think any woman ever goes back to her girls talking about how great her movie date was?  Get off that Roger Ebert steeze and step your game up. Being average=death.

2. Showing Up With A Dozen Roses

Showing up with roses is a sucker move.  You think you're coming off like a gentleman, but it really makes you look like a simp.  I asked a few female associates of mine how they would react or have reacted to a man bringing roses on a first date.  Here is a sample of their replies:

"He's trying to f@#$ and coming off way too strong"
"I'd feel a little pressured, like he's putting too much on it"
"He must not have gotten any action lately and is trying too hard to please"
"What a sweet gesture"
"What is he, 13 years old or something?"

Now 4 of those 5 responses are direct evidence that the roses move is a failure, and the one that appears positive potentially puts you in the "nice guy" bracket which usually leads to no action. Showing up with roses shows that you overly eager to please as well as that you're unoriginal.  If you're going to be the flower guy, which I don't recommend, at least pick something unconventional or rare that shows your flower game is strong.  Once again, roses are an average guy move and average=death. Like 3 Stacks and Big Boi said, "roses really smell like boo-boo."

3. Talking About Your Job Too Much

People go out on dates in order to relax, connect with someone, and have a good time.  Some people have trouble letting go of their work once they leave the office, and these people are usually stuck at home by themselves.  You may think being a workaholic and who's dedicated to your job is a plus, but that doesn't mean women want to hear about it all through your date.  Dates are an escape and talking about your job just takes them back to grind of a 9-5.  Unless you have a fly as hell career that is off the hook interesting like rock star, then you might be better off leaving the work conversation to a minimum.  You may think your life as a CPA is interesting, or that your tales of how Jim from marketing is always stealing your Vitamin Water from the break room is riveting, but no one else is feelin' it.  Keep the TPS report  talk at your cubicle and steer the conversation toward more thought provoking and attraction building topics.

4. Bringing Up Past Relationship Failures

Once again, steer away from negative talk.  If you sit there talking about your past failures it makes it seem like you're wrapped up in the past and imprints her mind that she too will possibly be one of those relationship failures.  If you start talking about your past relationship failures, then she's liable to do the same.  When you get a girl talking about her past relationship failures then you're running the risk of instantly turning into one of her girls.  Do you really want to hear her cackling about how Andre cheated on her with her co-worker, or how Mark spent too much time with his friends and never gave her quality time?  Of course you don't.  You're trying to highlight how fly it is to roll with you, not to let her be a shoulder for you to cry on about her own past failures.  If you have game then you leave them better than when you got with them and you won't have any past failures to discuss anyway.

5. Not Getting Physical

Now when I say physical I don't mean that you're trying to cop a feel after she laughs at a couple of your jokes.  What I mean is that you need to physically touch her and establish her being comfortable with you touching her.  Now to do this, you don't have to be vulgar or put too much on it.  Getting physical can mean touching her arm while you're both laughing at the hilarious joke you told, grabbing her waist as you hold open the door for her and move throughout the venue, wiping the corner of her mouth at dinner, etc.  All these subtle touches subconsciously establish a comfort level that she must reach with you before you're ever going to get to anywhere.  Whether you're trying to seal the deal on the first date or not, if you're not touching her throughout that first date the love train is probably going to leave you standing next to the tracks. Many guys make the mistake of trying to be too gentlemanly on the first date and don't touch as if the woman's Mom is chaperoning or something.

Don't be average and don't pull any of the above moves on a first date.

The world is yours.....

Outkast - "Roses"


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Should You Allow A Woman To Make You Wait 90 Days?

I was perusing my Google reader and stumbled upon this article advising women to wait 90 days before having sex with a man, and that somehow the "good" men will wait.  I've heard other folks such as Steve Harvey advise women to follow this rule as well.  I feel that was a Man Code Violation on Mr. Harvey's part for advising women to do that, but I understand he's a hustler and he was catering to the demographic that was going to bring checks in. It sounds good and it gives women some sense of empowerment to withhold the goods from a man, but I'm vehemently opposed to this whole policy and line of thinking.  Let me break down why a man whould never engage in this type of situation, and why the rule is inherently flawed.

A Man with Game Determines The Rules

A man with Game will never fall into a trap where the rules of the game are determined by the woman. The minute you walk into a situation where you let a woman control what's going down and when it's going down, you've already ceded power to her and let her know that you're not in control.  How is she going to respect you if she knows you're sitting around putting X's on a calendar leading up to that oh so glorious day when you finally get the privelage of having sex with wonderful old her?  What part of the game is that?  A man that allows himself to be put in that position is revealing his low worth and the woman knows this.  Women desire men that other women desire, and if you're willing to take yourself off the market for 90 days while she deems if you're not worthy enough, then obviously you're not that hot on the open market. Guys that suffer from oneitis will fall into this trap easily.

This Rule Uses An Arbitrary Time Period That Has No Basis In Rationality

What is so magical about 90 days?  It's a made up period and there is no reason for it.  It sounds good and it gives women some false sense of security that if a man is willing to wait 90 days then he is somehow more honorable or respectable than a man who won't.  What makes a woman think that she can even truly know a man after 90 days?  And what happens if after 90 days you have sex with a man and within a few months things go sour?  What if you wait 90 days and there's no sexual compatibility? Was the relationship somehow more pure because you waited 90 days?  No, it was just another short term relationship, except you spent 90 days with your clothes on instead of 150 without them. Keeping it real is the way to go, and hanging onto a false sex of security by witholding sex just leaves you delusional and sexually frustrated.

The 90 Day Rule Commodifies Sex

Waiting 90 days for sex leads credence to the belief that somehow sex is some type of commodity in the relationship marketplace.  If you meet a woman and have a great time, the chemistry is amazing, you're both sexually attracted to each other, and you don't have any STDs, why on Earth would you wait 90 days?  Right when you put a waiting period on sex you're turning sex into something that is to be traded and valued like a commodity.  Women worry about men only trying to get with them for sex, and it's true some men are only out for that, but many other men want a great relationship as well.  If a woman is sitting around and holding sex hostage, then it shows that she is more worried about sex than actually catering to your needs and connecting with you.  It's as if women think we have to show our worth in order to have sex with them.  A man with Game sees it the other way and evaluates women to see if they're worthy of having sex with him.  By withholding sex a woman is basically telling you that she deems having sex with you to be of less value than you having sex with her.  Once again, that automatically puts her in the drivers seat and if you're a man with Game that isn't acceptable.

Life is Short

In the times we live in the world is rapidly changing before our eyes.  90 days is a long time for you to put your life on hold while a woman waits to deem if you're a good man.  Think of all the other women you could possibly be meeting in that 90 day period who might be more desirable than the one who's put you on the waiting list?  The woman of your dreams could walk right by you, but you'll miss out because you're holding onto a dream that this one girl is so spectacular that the 90 day wait will be worth it. 

There are several other reasons why the 90 Day Rule is a fail, but I'll end things for now and touch on this topic at a later time.  So fellas, if a woman tries to spring the old 90 Day Rule on you, then do the smart thing and keep it moving.  If you feel the woman is worth waiting the 90 days for, then proceed at your own risk. She might be the flyest woman on the market and in the end you'll win.  Every man has to make decisions that suit him best, but before you do proceed, think about all the reasons why shouldn't entertain the thought of falling into the 90 day matrix.

The world is yours.....

Janet Jackson- "Let's Wait Awhile"


Monday, December 28, 2009

Bad Boys Finish First, Nice Guys Are Finished Before They Even Started

One of the cornerstones of Game is to kill the nice guy inside you.  Now I'm not a proponent of becoming a complete asshole and disrespecting women, but one of the top reasons why certain guys continue to strike out is that they misconstrue what women mean when they say, "I just want a nice guy."

First off, don't believe what women tell you because they will tell you some nonsense and you'll sit by and watch as they go after the opposite of the dude they tell you they like.  Few woman are going to say "I want a guy that can knock the pictures off the wall when we have sex, keeps me on my toes by being unpredictable, and helps me escape from the mundane existence I currently lead."  They're going to give that bs answer, "I want a nice guy that treats me right", which may be partially true but can lead you down the road to solo Blockbuster nights, movie night with your parents, or cuddle parties.  Here's a quick rundown of why being a nice guy will throw a monkey wrench in your game and why being a bad boy trumps being a nice guy:

Nice Guys Are Average
Women say one thing and mean the other. Women may say they want a nice guy, but that doesn't mean that they just want a nice guy. Women like men with a little edge to them.  Some women will disagree, but most of the top notch females that are high on the desirability list that I know don't want some average nice guy smiles a lot, is overly agreeable, and has no edge to him.  You don't necessairly need to be a convict, Hell's Angel, or MMA guy, but if your style is vanilla you won't be tasting her ice cream anytime soon.  Why would a woman want someone who's average? Think about that the next time you're at The Gap buying a pair of Chinos or watching that lame TV show that everyone watches.  Yeah, you're average so switch the style up.
Bad Boys Are More Confident Than Nice Guys 

The nice guy kills things by acting entirely too supplicative and cow towing to a woman's every desire.  This may seem like a great thing on the surface, but it will kill your game.  Bad boys reek of confidence because they tend to give off an "I don't give a f@#$ vibe" that women are attracted to.  Nice guys follow societal rules and think inside the box.  A bad boy lives by his own rules and is confident that things will work out.  They don't desire the approval of women like the nice guy does, and that is a turn on to women.  The bad boy knows there are tons of women out there at his disposable, while the nice guy is a sucker for love and becomes victim of oneitis, thinking that some average girl he met with a nice figure and cute smile is the only one for him and the greatest thing since sliced bread.
Bad Boys Are More Exciting Than Nice Guys

Nice guys are mad predictable and women desire unpredictability and excitement.  Why is a woman going to trip over you if you're on that flowers, dinner, and a movie vibe?  Why is a woman going to dig you if you stick to the script?  A bad boy does things the regular guy doesn't, takes her places she's never been, and exposes her to things she's not familiar with.  Nice guys win in cheesy romantic comedies that Hollywood shoves down our throughts, but that mess is just an illuision and the real world operates differently.

Bad Boys Are More of a Challenge, and Women Love a Challenge

 They love the bad boy, but knows that in the long term he won't be a suitable husband, so in their heads they feel they can change him.  While the nice guy does everything a woman wants, listens to her, and doesn't rock the boat, the bad boy is the exact opposite.  Women see the bad boy as a makeover project at times, and will spend their time trying to smooth out the rough edges.  Women love makeovers, and trying to tame a bad boy is the ultimate makeover.  Now being a badboy might not work as well on women in their late 20 and early 30's because that biological clock is ticking, but at that point you can just go after younger women or refine your bad boy persona to be more age appropriate.  That's on you.

Bad Boys Aren't Deceptive Like Nice Guys  

Nice guys appear nice on the surface, but in reality they are the biggest snakes because they're only acting nice because they seek a woman's approval and eventually their sexual companionship.  Women can see right throught this, so they respect the bad boy more because he tends to let his intentions be known from the jump, instead of trying to be all friendly, beating around the bush in the hopes that the friendship will turn to romance. That's why nice guys routinely get stuck in the friend zone because they start off being entirely too nice and not giving off a sexual vibe, and then when they try to make their move the woman has already dismissed the possibility of anything sexual between them.  Nice guys think they can hop from the friend zone to the bedroom, but only a select few have that ability.

There are several more reasons,with science to back them up, but this is a blog and not a book so I'll keep it brief.  Now being a bad boy is great, but if you come across as a fake bad boy then that's just as bad as being the nice guy.  Your image must be congruent with your actions, so don't try to roll up in a Harley with a leather jacket and then sound like Steve Urkel while you discuss your day as as insurance salesman or some other non-bad boy type gig.  The ultimate goal is to be a hybrid bad boy/nice guy, which is irresistable and  something I'll delve into at a later time. 

The world is yours.....

88 Keys - "Nice Guys Finish Last"

Pharcyde - "Passin' Me By"